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Successful Transition to Stapleton Mortgage in 2019!

In April of 2019, I made the move to Stapleton Mortgage LLC from Universal Lending Corporation. As probably happens with any job change, the first couple months were a little bumpy. I had been with ULC for over 15 years and was only familiar with their systems and processes. Conversely, at SMLLC, they weren't used to having another loan officer on staff.

In those first few months, I felt like I was starting in the business for the first time, again! But, after a few months of learning new processes, I was able to see see the benefit of being at a boutique lender. We have the ability to shop the different banks and still provide the quick and personalized service that our clients expect. The shopping comes into play much more than I expected as the banks have shifted many times over.

After 9 months at SMLLC, everything has settled into a great groove and we look forward to helping you!

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